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Morphology of Z-Tech Plasma Processed Zirconias
What is Zirconia?
Product Information and Advantages
Product Capabilities Overview
Z-TECH, in 1969, began work on a new technology for producing high-quality monoclinic zirconias. Utilizing the extreme temperatures generated by Plasma Arcs, a process for extracting and purifying zirconia from zircon sands was developed and patented.

The most interesting aspect of this technology, however, is the unique properties imparted to the refined zirconia. Within the spheroidal particles that emerge from the Plasma Arc, a mass of tiny dendrites can be found. Formed at very high temperatures, these dendrites of pure zirconia have proven to be very reactive and important in many high-performance applications. (See Report Morphology of Z-Tech Plasma Processed Zirconias.)

Since its early beginnings, the Plasma Arc process has undergone many refinements. This has enabled us to create a range of high-performance zirconias that have become essential constituents in the manufacture of color pigments, electronic components, structural ceramics, sensors, thermal spray coatings, refractories, as well as many other zirconia bearing products.

Below are just a few of the benefits realized by these Z-Tech zirconia users.
Higher quality, higher performing finished products
Improved process yields
Reduced manufacturing costs
Accelerated development of new, high-margin market opportunities
Exceptional color intensity & consistency, in pigment applications
Improved thermal shock, sintering & hot strength properties, in refractories
Reduced milling time & cost, in structural ceramics
Superior cost performance properties, in electronic ceramics
Z-Tech is also capable of producing special grades to meet special needs. Please contact us via telephone at 603-228-1305 to determine what we can do to meet your requirements.

Feel free to consult with our technical department to find out how Z-Tech zirconia powders can improve your process and products.

Z-Tech is registered to ISO 9002.
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